Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to reach as many women as possible, helping them build high self esteem and confidence all while having a fun shopping experience. When women look better they feel better. Every woman has their own unique sense of style, we want women from all backgrounds to be able to express themselves by styling our shoes with their own unique wardrobe. Not only do we want to help in building shoe collections, self esteem, and confidence we also want to help women build their own empires and or make their own mark in the business world. Our vision is to not only supply women from all walks of life with fashionable shoes for their wardrobe but to also supply them with the needed support, knowledge, and skills to build their own brand as we have ours. When we established KYX LLC we did not have anyone to turn to for help in the business world nor did we have much support. As a young woman our owner always wanted to take part in High school and college clubs such as the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) but never got the opportunity due to lack of funds and lack of support. We see KYX being that support for young girls and women entrepreneurs around the world, which is why we have used our platform to implement our mentorship programs, offering multiple entrepreneurial services.