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Entrepreneurial Services & Mentorship

Not only do we want to help in building shoe collections, self esteem, and confidence we also want to help women build their own empires and or make their own mark in the business world. Our vision is to not only supply women from all walks of life with fashionable shoes for their wardrobe, but to also supply them with the needed support, knowledge, and skills to build their own brand as we have ours. We have several Mentorship programs and Entrepreneurial services available below, along with a retail vendors list with vendors for all industries. Send us an email or text for any questions or concerns regarding any of our programs or services. Good Luck on your journey to success! 
Email: info@kyxshoes.com
TEXT ONLY: 213-600-6365


Wholesale Inventory


Our Vendors lists from our visit to the Magic Trade show in Las Vegas has over 30 US vendors with their business address, phone number, website, email & WhatsApp info. Vendors offer wholesale for shoes, clothing, & accessories. Lets get these contacts so we can get this SHMONEY HONEY! 
The vendors list will be sent to your EMAIL please check your Promotions or Spam folders if it’s not in your primary inbox! 
Contact vendors and let them know you are inquiring about wholesale or browse their site and look for "Wholesale"

2024 Grant List $29.99

Utilize Grant funding for your business. A grant is funding for your business you do not have to pay back. This is a list of 36 Vendors that are accepting grant applications during 2024. Click the links for each grant, get a good idea of the company or community giving the grants, and apply.

 Business Start Up Consultation $39.99


If you have a business idea and don't know where to start, how to start or when to start, we are here to help you. In this consultation we will help you determine what to research regarding your business and its industry, give you questions you should think about regarding your business, help you determine the best time and target audience for your business. We will also provide the info you will need to obtain your EIN and the info on how to legally register your business with your state


Our 2024 Business Plan 101 video helps business owners create a solid business plan for 2024. Your business plan should include your plans for the business, marketing and profit goals, your target audience, objectives and projections for the fiscal year. In order to receive business funding lenders require a solid business plan. The trajectory of your business as well as the amount of funding you can obtain for your business, is dependent upon how well you have planned. Statistics show that most businesses fail within the first 5 years, we want to help change those statistics by making sure you have a solid plan for your business and that you are able to meet your goals. Creating a business plan can be stressful, time consuming and overwhelming, our goal is to help you create a business plan by breaking your business plan down. At the end of the video you should be able to complete a 25 page or more business plan ready to submit to investors. REMEMBER, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

2024 Marketing Plan 101 $39.99


This video will aid in creating a marketing strategy for your business for the year of 2024. Marketing is what drives sales! Therefore, a solid marketing strategy is needed EVERY year to ensure your business continues to progress. We will help in planning the best times for promotions, help determine what is already driving your sales and how to capitalize on it, as well as how to identify and prepare for your down seasons. By the end of the video you should have a 12 month marketing strategy for your business. By following your 2024 marketing plan you should be able to scale your business as well as bring in customers during your down seasons

2024 Business Funding 101 $44.99


We will provide a list of lenders/investors we have used,  as well as help you search for lenders/investors in your area. We will also provide tips and tricks on how to speak to investors and different ways to be approved for funding even after being denied. Most businesses are not able to progress due to lack of funds. Throughout our 4 years in business we have been able to receive over $28,000 in capital loans, lines of business credit as well as gained access to micro Lenders and other investors. With the proper guidance you can gain access to these funding opportunities as well. In order to receive funding you will at least need to have already been in business with proof of cash-flow AND OR have a business plan to submit to investors. KYX LLC also awards 1 random business owner that has purchased an entrepreneurial service from us with $500 funding for Christmas! We also provide a grant list for you to apply for.


2024 BMFP 101 Package $189.99


This package includes ALL of the courses: Business Consultation, Business Plan 101, Marketing Plan 101, Business Funding 101. With this entire package we will help you build your business from scratch or expand and scale your existing business. The first video will consist of your business start up consultation. The 2nd video will consist of creating your business plan. In the 3rd video we will create a marketing strategy for 2024. In the 4th video we will go over business funding, finding lenders/investors, and opening lines of credit, grants and business bank accounts. A vendors list and a grant list is provided in this package as well. KYX LLC  awards 1 random business owner that has purchased an entrepreneurial service from us with $500 funding for Christmas. By purchasing our BMFP package your business will have TWO entries for our Christmas drawing! Following your purchase we will act as your mentor, reaching out periodically for any needed guidance on your business journey. You are able to contact us anytime for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your journey to success. We will stay in touch via Discord and email informing you of any business tips, seminars, tax info, and networking events that will help you on your journey to success! 


KYX Paid Internship & Mentorship Program

Our Internship Program is a paid position in which we mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs. We open 2 positions a year. As a young woman, our founder always wanted to take part in High school and college clubs such as the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) but never got the opportunity due to lack of funds and lack of support. We see KYX being that support for young girls and women entrepreneurs around the world, which is why we have used our platform to implement our mentorship programs &  entrepreneurial services. We are strong believers in sharing the knowledge we gain to help build others up. We want young high schoolers (grades 11 or 12) who have a passion for business to take part in our internship/mentorship programs as well. We provide paid internships for high-schoolers with an interest in later creating their own business or entering into the business world. This paid internship will not only have work related requirements weekly, but also personal business building requirements monthly for each student. The students will have hands-on experience to learn what it takes to run a business, they will then take what they have learned that month, and write out how they can implement what they have learned into their own business. They will be required to take financial literacy courses, marketing courses, and business courses provided by KYX LLC. We will help in providing funding as well as searching for funding for their business or funding for furthering their education in business. We will use our platforms to not only promote our students business’ but to also highlight their goals and accomplishments. Each Internship program lasts 2 years, and by the end of the program each student will leave with a well thought out and written business plan, financial literacy, two years worth of hands-on experience, and the confidence level of 1000 ready to make their own mark in society helping contribute to the growth of whatever industry they desire to dominate.


Email: info@kyxshoes.com

TEXT ONLY: 213-600-6365


 If you would like to collaborate with us on any networking events, public speaking events or Seminars please contact us at 

Email: info@kyxshoes.com

TEXT ONLY: 213-600-6365